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Specializing in the repair/restoration of grandfather clocks.

Frank Palasciano,  Owner

Frank's interests in clocks began at the age of 10 by helping a neighborhood clockmaker who, in turn, taught Frank the basics of clock restoration. Later in life, Frank received his formal training in Horology by attending the Gem City College in Quincy, Illinois. He now specializes in grandfather/tall case clock restoration and has has been working in the field for over 25 years.


Eastern Standard Time feels it is an important task to educate the owners of fine clocks to the damage and loss of value that is performed by careless and incompetent so-called "experts".

About Us


Frank at his desk.

We are often confronted with the damage inflicted by so called "clock makers" on a daily basis. Unfortunately, this usually results in extensive damage and sometimes replacement of wheels, wheel teeth, pinions, main springs, and other parts. This type of damage can result in the devaluation of the piece.


We estimate that fifty percent of our work consists of undoing this kind of avoidable damage. Good craftsmanship requires proper workshop facilities, security, complete and well maintained machinery. Additionally, it requires craftsmen who have earned the right to realistic compensation for restoring your precious heirloom clocks.


Remember, clocks are the only mechanisms still operating many hundreds of years after being made. They are living testimony to man's ingenuity and integrity. They are the earliest examples of automation and the precursors of many of today's conveniences that is often taken for granted or overlooked.


Inside of a grandfather clock

A restored grandfather clock

Fantastic for living room prestige

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