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Specializing in the repair/restoration of grandfather clocks.



The Restoration Process


All clocks, regardless of age, have unique care needs. These needs become much more complicated if the clock is not routinely maintained. Eastern Standard Time  offers its customers the advantage of a professional house call visit for your valuable grandfather clock.


During a house call you are visited, at home, by an experienced and competent horologist. The house call service offers preventative maintenance and consultation, routine check-up, and a full range of diagnostics. The house call also includes lubrication of your timepiece, which we suggest you do every 1-3 years.


We hope to provide a convenient service to you and at the same time, take care of your cherished time piece.  In the following pages, we will break down the process of our house calls and explain the details of what occurs when a home visit is done by our shop.


Eastern Standard Time  offers house call services for grandfather and floor clocks in the following areas in Georgia:


  • Jackson
  • Barrow
  • Hall,
  • Madison,  Athens-Clarke,
  • Banks



Steps In The Process


House Call



After an appointment is set, we will come to your house to perform a thorough inspection to determine exactly what needs to be completed so that your grandfather clock is in good health and working condition. At this point, we will discuss the process in detail and answer any and all questions that you may have.


If we find that the grandfather clock needs only minor repairs or adjustments and the customer agrees, we will complete the necessary repairs on-site.


If we discover the grandfather clock needs a more complicated repair, we first show the customer what needs to be done and explain why. The more complicated repairs require that the grandfather clock comes back with us to the shop.


If it is decided to move forward with the repair, we will carefully pack the grandfather clock for transport. We take the grandfather clock movement (works) the weights and the pendulum. We do this so we can set the grandfather clock movement up after the repair and make the final adjustments and analysis



Once at the shop, the grandfather clock is completely disassembled down to the last wheel, pinion, cam, spring, and lever. At this point, EVERY part is carefully inspected and made ready for the cleaning process.



All the parts are ultrasonically cleaned using a solution specifically designed for grandfather clock cleaning. All the parts are then rinsed in another solution also designed for this purpose.






The movement is now reassembled making sure all wheels, pinions, cams, springs, and levers are properly placed and tested.

Once the grandfather clock has been cleaned, rinsed, and dried, we begin the repair. Each wheel is mounted in a lathe. The shafts, teeth and pivots of each wheel are polished. This polishing not only improves the appearance of the parts but provides a high luster which reduces friction and increases the working life of the grandfather clock.


The next step in the process is to repair the worn pivot holes. This is the most intricate and the most important part of the job.Upon completing repairs to the worn pivot holes, a final check is performed to ensure all the wheels are turning properly.


Setting The Beat


Setting the beat is a process by which we calibrate the escapement portion of the grandfather clock to a level position. Setting the beat can vary significantly from movement to movement (depending on the configuration of the movement).





Lubrication is a very important part of the process.  All friction points must be lubricated with specific clock oil.  Use of improper oil or using too much oil while lubricating can be just as bad as using too little.


This is an process whereby adjustments are made to the pendulum to ensure the grandfather clock keeps accurate time.



Once the analysis and repairs are completed on the grandfather clock, we deliver the clock back to you at no cost.

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